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Some questions comming up prior to your trip?

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Hotel Villas H2O

Our Hotel Villas H2O is directly at the divecenter which makes for our students and divers very confiniend to walk just in a few steps to their diveadventures.

Check out the hotel site.



Dive & Hotel Packages

We can offer you ready to dive packages you find on our website, but we are more than happy to customize a personal dive- hotel packages for your stay with us.

Simply contact us.

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Open Water Dive Courses

Discover Scuba Diving Program price in usd
Try dive in our swimmingpool
Discover Scuba Diving
Following dives
Open Water Dive Programs  
Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver
upon request
Rescue Diver
upon request

prices include tanks with Airfills, equipment,transportation from the divecenter to the divesites and training fee. Upon sucessful completion of the training add 30 USD certification fee to the prices above.

Nitrox and Technical Diver Training prices in usd
Basic Nitrox
Deep Air & Advanced Nitrox
Technical Diver

prices include tanks with Air & Nitrox fills, transportation from the divecenter to the divesites and training fee. Upon sucessful completion of the training add 40 USD certification fee to the prices above.

Cavern & Cave Diving Training prices in usd
Cavern Diver (3 days)
intro to Cave Diver (2 days)
Cave Diver (4 days)
Cavern & Intro to Cave Diver (4 days)
Cavern to Cave Diver ( 8 days)


prices include tanks with airfills, transportation from the divecenter to the divesites, training fee, Entrance fees to the divesites. Upon sucessful completion of the training add 40 USD certification fee to the prices above.

We offer complete cave diving gear for rent based on a daily fee.


Reserve your dive training by making your deposit online. Upon making your deposit let us know for how many days, howmany divers and what date you would like to join us for some fun dives. Upon receiving your 20% deposit we will send you a confirmation email for your booking. The balance you can pay upon arrival at the diveshop, thank you.

Reserve Now and make your 20% deposit


Dive Training Rates 2010

H2O PRO DIVING provides a high quality Training and guiding for a resonable price.

We make sure that you will get what you pay for.

If you want to make sure to dive with your Private Instructor or Guide than contact us and we will provide you with informations about our Private Dive Service.

We are also offering Group and Dive-Hotel Packages.

Please remember that you are paying for the training days and not for the certification of a Training Level. In Case if there are more training days needed as the Standards require, additional days will be charged at a daily fee.

Included in our Course Prices:

Student Manuals, Tanks, Weights, Air, Nitrox &Oxygenfills (for our Nitrox & Technical Diver Courses), Transportation to the Divesite and cooled water.

We recommend you to bring as much of your own diving equipment as possible. By using your own gear you get also the oportunity to configure it for the specific environment.

In our Open Water Diver and Nitrox Diver Courses we provide the whole Equipment.

For our Technical Diver and Cave Diver Classes we dont include Basic Diving Equipment such like Mask, Fins, Boots, Hood and Wetsuit (min. 5 mm Full Wetsuit). If needed this items can be rent at H2O PRO DIVING.