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Hotel Villas H2O

Our Hotel Villas H2O is directly at the divecenter which makes it for our students and divers very convenient to walk just in a few steps to their dive-adventures.

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Dive & Hotel Packages

We can offer you ready to dive packages you find on our website, but we are more than happy to customize a personal dive- hotel packages for your stay with us.

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DIVE the CENOTES - Guided Cavern & Cave Dives in Tulum

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For every Open Water Diver with a certificate, Yucatan offers the possibility of Guided Cavern Diving in the ‘Cenotes’, which are located a few minutes from
our Dive Center.

An unforgettable experience that no diver visiting Mexico should miss.



Cavern Diving Tulum






The beauty of the stalagmite formations and the light reflections is unique in the world.

After giving you an extensive briefing of diving tecnics in Caverns and the history of these wonders of nature.Our professional Cavern Guides (certified cave divers and diving instructors), will guide you safely through this mystic underwater world.

General rules for Cavern diving:

. Diving in the daylight zone
. Use of the third rule for the air supply
. Use of a guide line
. No decompression dives
. No narrow passages
. Maximum linear dive into the cavern of 60m

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iDive 300 Waterproof Dive Case & Speakers from H2O Audio

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